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          教師資格面試英語試講 ▎《 A butterfly》試講稿+答辯








          《 A butterfly》試講稿

          Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I’m***candidate, applying for primary school English teacher. Mytopic is A butterfly. Now I’m ready. Class begins.

          Ⅰ. Warming-up and lead-in

          T:Hello,boys and girls,welcome to my class. Today I want to share a songFly,Fly,Butterfly.

          Fly,fly,fly,the butterfly. / In the meadow is flying high. / In the garden is flying low. / Fly,fly,fly,the butterfly.

          T:From the song we know that the butterfly is free,flying high and low,here and there. Do you know how thebutterfly comes into being? Let’s start our new lesson and see.

          Ⅱ. Presentation

          T:Let’s watch the strip pictures of butterfly growth. While watching the pictures,pay attention to the followingquestions:What was the color of the egg? How long did the caterpillar live in the small cocoon? Who’d like to try?Mike,give a try.

          T:Pardon? It is white? It’s almost right. Pay attention to my question,the tense of the sentence. Try again,please. That makes sense. You’re a smart boy. The answer is it was white.

          T:The answer to the second question is the caterpillar lived in the small cocoon about two weeks.

          T:The two answers on the blackboard use the simple past tense. Who can find out the rule of the simple pasttense?

          T:Yes,as we can see,the simple past tense is usually used to talk about something in the past. We need toadd “-ed”to the end of a regular verb to form this tense,such as live—lived. But in the passage there are pastforms of some irregular verbs,such as is—was,are—were,eat—ate,come—came.

          Ⅲ. Practice

          T:Here comes a fun part of our lesson. Let’ s play the game. If I say“ stand up”,you must all stand up atonce. If I say stood up in the simple past tense,you can’t stand up. Nod your head. Clapped your hands.

          T:Who nodded just now? Who clapped hands just now? Just now, I said “ Clapped your hands. ” So you shouldn’t clap your hands.

          T:Boys and girls,let’s look at the front of the classroom carefully for one minute. Who is willing to go out of the classroom and spot the differences later? Jane and Tom,go out please. Let’s make some changes. Please comein,Jane and Tom. Jane,you first tell us what is different from what it was just now.

          T:The window was closed now,but it’s open now. Good acting! You’ve got sharp eyes. Tom,what do you find?

          T:Brilliant! Yes,there were some English words on the blackboard,but now the blackboard is clean.

          Ⅳ. Production

          T:I’ll divide you into groups of 6,and each of you need describe the growth of a tree. At the same time,drawit into strip pictures. Are you clear? Let’s begin.

          T:Group 2 finish the task first. Would you please give us a presentation?

          T:That was good. Now we’ve known about the growth of a tree. It is similar to the growth of a butterfly. Itwas a small seed,and then it was a sapling after two weeks. Finally it grew tall and became a large tree.

          T:I’m going to give you a little quiz. Please watch the blackboard. The sentences are in the simple presenttense. Convert the following sentences in the simple present tense into the simple past tense. I want all of you towrite down your answers. The two sentences are as follows. I usually eat an egg for breakfast. There are three peoplein my family.

          T:Have you finished your work? Now Let’s see what the correct answers are. The answer to the first questionis ate,the second is were. Did you get them right? Please raise your hand if you have any questions.

          Ⅴ. Summary and homework

          T:A few minutes left,let’ s review the lesson. Can you retell the growth of a butterfly with the help of strippictures? Look at the blackboard. Yes,a white egg,then a caterpillar,and finally a butterfly.

          T:Choose at least one of the tasks freely and do it earnestly after school. For the first one,copy the words andsentences five times. For the second on,translate the following Chinese into English. Remember to use the simplepast tense. 

          T:There goes the bell. Class is over. So long.

          That’s my presentation. Thanks for your listening.




          1. 語法教學中的歸納法是指在學生就特定結構的使用進行練習之前,讓他們先接觸一定數量的實例,然后鼓勵學生從中分析、歸納、總結出該結構的有關規則。 歸納教學比較注重語言的運用而不是語言的形式,它可增加學生與語言的接觸,有助于培養學生的語言感覺,激發學生的參與,并深化學生對語法的理解。但是,這種教學方法對教師的要求比較高,學生對語言的理解未必準確,需要教師更多的幫助。

          2. 這節課的教學重點是一般過去時的用法。 通過本節課的學習,學生能夠使用一般過去時談論過去某個時間發生的動作并能夠熟知規則動詞和不規則動詞的過去式。